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ProMed Career Institute can guide you through out the process to determine if you qualify for any financial assistance — call us today!

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About ProMed Career Institute


  • ProMed Career Institute (PMCI) was established to enhance career training options in Central Texas. 
  • Our educational programs are designed to give hands on training that focuses on industry specific skills career.
  • ProMed Career Institute is committed to our students' success and will provide you with the knowledge and skills

 Why ProMed Career Institute?


1. Personalized attention, smaller classes

2. Qualified faculty with professional experience

3. Day and Evening Classes

4. Low tuition rates with flexible payment plans

5. Scholarship programs (if you qualify)

•The Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) Program is a comprehensive 760-hour program designed to train

 students in all aspects of the medical assisting profession; Administrative and Clinical.

  • Administrative Procedures 
  • Business Communication 
  • Business Computing using MS Office 
  • Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting

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Clinical Medical Assistant

Administrative Assistants

Coming Soon

Financial Aid and Financing

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Start Your Career With PMCI

Career training programs that give hands-on training and focus on industry specific skills. We offer affordable tuition, in-house financing, testing center for two national certifications, and faculty with years of field experience with national certifications.

 Get Started now--complete our contact form and an Admissions Advisor will be in touch shortly to determine your career goals.

We want you to succeed; we can guide you through out the process to determine if you qualify for any financial assistance

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PMCI takes a unique approach to teaching. We use a combination of lectures, labs, and hands-on training to fully prepare students for their career of choice. Our career-focused programs not only give students the knowledge to succeed, but provide them with the opportunity to learn and practice the skills necessary for SUCCESS!

Career Programs for the Future



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